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Our unique, lively programs are designed to teach and delight people of all ages. We are flexible and are more than willing to help you choose the perfect programs for your site. We are constantly researching to provide new programs from a variety of eras. Choose one or combine a few of them to create an unforgettable experience!

Photo by Denise Santalis

Ministers of Apollo Chamber Music

Step back in time through the power of music! We offer popular music from the late 18th century played upon a combination of reproduction and antique instruments. Some of the music we perform from comes straight from original books which we proudly display. Our concerts are the ideal program for indoor sites such as libraries, schools, historic houses, and more. Our concerts can last for an hour or have us play on and off through the day-- it's entirely up to you!

Photo by

Betsey Jordan


Drum and Fife

Drum up excitement with our Revolutionary War drum and fife corp! Our band is made up of around ten young men all students of Erik Lichack. Our band plays on antique drums and wears authentic uniforms. A drum and fife performance is perfect for outdoor historic sites, parades, and more!

Photo by Jeff Bross

The Lady's Toilette

Want to learn the secrets of just how women got their hair that high? Wonder no more because this demo answers all your questions and more! The lady's toilette demo gives an intimate view of life in the 18th century with antique personal items, and cosmetics made from 18th century recipes. This demo is all about hygiene, fashion, and style leaving spectators wondering just how close our modern practices are to our ancestors. This demo can be paired with character portrayals and provide social commentary on the relations between the lady's maid and the lady. This program is meant to be done in an indoor setting such as a historic house, library, school, etc. 

19th Century Music

While "I come from New Jersey with a banjo on my knee" isn't quite as catchy, we do offer a brand new music demo centering around mid-19th century popular music! With an authentic minstrel banjo and tambourine, this program gets people up and dancing with catchy tunes still used today. This lively act also includes authentic jokes from the mid-19th century guaranteed to make your sides split!

This program is best done indoors, such as in a library, school, historic house, etc. 

Photo by Jeff Bross
Photo by John Niemiec

Historical Tarot Readings

Do you need answers from the Great Beyond? We can help with that! Eliza Vincz is a gifted tarot card reader and medium who plies her skills for a truly unique living history demo. Using reproduction 18th century tarot cards, she does authentic tarot card readings the same way an accomplished lady would have for her friends. This is a terrific program for fall and Halloween events! While this is a popular demo, we have to emphasize this one is for entertainment purposes only, though her readings have left audiences amazed!

Photo by Chad Hunt

Meet Theda Bara

Meet America's first femme fatale with the face of a vampire and the heart of a feminist. In her brief four year career, she saved Fox Studios, starred in forty films, inspired the flapper look as well as our modern "goth" style, and became the third highest paid start in Hollywood. Using her unconventional looks and star power, she raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in war bonds, took the time to visit soldiers in Camp Kearney, donate sweets to orphans, and care for infected soldiers suffering from the Spanish Flu all while starring in big budget silent films such as Cleopatra. Eliza brings this silent film siren to life with vivacity and charm regaling audiences with behind the scenes stories as well as her efforts in WWI. Theda pairs well with the Drum and Bugle corp as an indoor performer with a collection of Theda Bara memorabilia and cosmetics. 

Hearts of Oak Independent Militia Company

To make other historic sites green with envy, the Hearts of Oak Independent Militia Company is the best way to do it! Originally part of the 1775 Lasher's Battalion of New York Militia, the Hearts of Oak's roster has a particular founding father without a father in its ranks. Learn about the makings of Alexander Hamilton's military career with cheerful interpreters eager to share their knowledge. Let soldiers from the Hearts of Oak give your program some color along with any of our other historic demos to bring history to life!


Meet Rebecca Franks

For a radically different perspective on the American Revolution, look no further than meeting American loyalist Rebecca Franks! Famed wit and poetess, Rebecca Franks twirled her way through the Revolution alongside her dear friend Peggy Shippen sparing neither friend nor foe from her witty jabs and practical jokes. Gossip about life in Revolutionary Philadelphia and New York with the sassiest loyalist in the colonies! Eliza brings lively humor to the normally dour loyalist perspective blurring the line between "good" and bad" of the American Revolution.   Rebecca Franks is a character that can be paired with the lady's toilette demo, a tea demo, the Hearts of Oak, Ministers of Apollo Chamber Music concerts, and more. Rebecca Franks has her very own concert filled with patriotic British hits such as Thomas Arne's Rule Britannia, Purcell's Britons Strike Home, and more!

Photo by Marc Hermann


Historical Tailoring/Dressmaking

Tailoring is a long lost art in the age of mass produced culture, learn more about it in this fascinating demonstration.  Clothes made the man--and woman-- in the late 18th century and it seemed as though everyone wore their emotions on their sleeves! This demo teaches historical sewing techniques, the politics behind the fashions, what textiles were used and why, and more. This demonstrations is a VERY popular option for schools because we include a sewing lesson for children. It's a great indoor program to include alongside the drum and fife corp or a Ministers of Apollo Chamber Music concert.

Photo by JM Wasko

Spilling the Tea on History

For a historical demo that really spills the tea on 18th century life, our historical tea is the best option! In an age where artifacts are kept behind glass to collect dust, our historical tea literally brings history up close and personal with a nearly entirely antique 18th century tea set, punch bowl, and more. Learn why tea was such a hot commodity, spill the tea with characters like Rebecca Franks, swap biscuit and sweets recipes, and more with this engaging demonstration. This demo is best done for more intimate settings such as historic houses, libraries, etc, and can be paired with character portrayals, Ministers of Apollo Chamber Music concerts, drum and fife music, and more.


Meet Eliza Hamilton

She told her husband Alexander's story, now it's time Eliza Schuyler Hamilton's story. Eliza Hamilton was a woman of remarkable strength, courage, and faith having to deal with the loss of her son Philip, the madness of her daughter Angelica, the loss of her husband, and the massive debt he left her in. Eliza not only overcame these struggles but rose above and beyond establishing the first public orphanage in New York, speaking out against slavery, raising funds for the Washington Monument, and documenting her husband's story. Eliza Vincz brings Mrs. Hamilton's quiet strength and dignity to life with a heavily researched portrayal to best give her a narrative. Mrs. Hamilton's portrayal is best paired with the Hearts of Oak and works best for any historic site, school, library, etc. Eliza can speak on a wide variety of topics such as the Revolution, her husband, and more. Eliza Hamilton pairs best with the Hearts of Oak, the drum and fife corp, and the Ministers of Apollo Chamber Music. Eliza Hamilton works well for schools, libraries, historic sites, etc.

Historical Dancing

For a program that really gets you off your feet, we have you covered! This demonstration combines our delightful Ministers of Apollo chamber music and the fun steps of the 18th century.  Learn the social aspects of dancing in the 18th century, make friends, and have a good time with this program. This program is best in an indoor setting such as a historic house, library, school, etc and can be paired with a drum and fife performance, character portrayals, or any of the smaller living history demonstrations. 

Photo by Denise Santalis

15th Regiment of Foot Light Infantry

Ready for the next great British Invasion? Meet the 15th regiment of foot! For a refreshing perspective on the American Revolution as well as those who fought in it, the 15th Regiment of Foot Light Infantry is the program for you. A program with this regiment includes discussions on light infantry tactics, bugle demonstrations, and more for a lively program indoor our outdoor perfect for schools, libraries, historic sites, etc.

The 15th participates in a lot of revolutionary war reenactments  and is currently recruiting! 

More coming soon!

We're always adding more programs to offer!

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