Our mission is to bring people back in time--just for a little while-- through the power of music. How do we do that? For several years, we have been researching the sights and sounds of the late 18th century and have been faithfully recreating music, clothing, cosmetics, and hairstyles of the time period in order to give people a flavor of the 18th century. To even further bring our audience into the past, we use a combination of reproduction and original musical instruments, music books, accessories, and more. All of  the clothing we wear is entirely correct to the era it is representing from the hand-sewn top and inside seams to the way the garments are tailored; some of our clothing even uses original or antique trims in order to best give an impression of our history.


Everything we make is carefully studied from extant garments in museums, online, and in our collections. The music we perform is straight from the original books in our collection which we bring to shows for our audience to see afterwards if they are so inclined. All of our living history demonstrations are meticulously researched and applied giving audiences a different glimpse into history.  We offer a wide variety of living history demos regarding life in the late 18th century including tailoring and mantuamaking demos, ladies toilette demo featuring cosmetics made from 18th century recipes and shows the entire sequence of creating the gigantic hairstyles as well as getting dressed and talks on hygiene, historically accurate tarot readings (the readings are for entertainment purposes only), chamber music concerts, and drum and fife performances. Each of these demos has a combination of reproduction and antique items for the audience to examine; we're part concert, part character portrayal, part pop up history museum and we want to bring our delightful performances to your site!


Who We Are

Photo by Denise Santalis
Photo by Denise Santalis

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